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Buffet or Plated?

    There are certainly pros and cons to different wedding styles. It’s of course completely up to you which way you go, but here are some benefits to both catering options.

  • A buffet meal offers more variety. You can have multiple dishes, from which your guests can pick and choose.
  • For your guests who are not meat eaters, buffets provide for a greater selection of vegetarian dishes. With a plated meal, you will typically have at most one vegetarian alternative.
  • Buffets look both abundant and decadent!
  • Less staff is usually required for a buffet, as a plated reception means more staff are needed to address the individual needs of each guest.
  • For those guests who have worked up quite an appetite, buffet receptions offer the opportunity for seconds.
  • Buffet weddings tend to be more relaxed and casual…it allows for people to eat when and how often they’d like.

    • Plated
  • A plated meal means your guests don’t have to queue. This is especially good for the elderly and for the ladies!
  • When it comes to presentation, plated courses individually look beautiful, and less room is required in the venue (as opposed to a buffet).
  • The food is showcased better as plated courses and is more like the chefs intended it to be presented.
  • There’s no denying the fact that your guests will receive a different level of service than they would with a buffet. They will feel treated and individually looked after.
  • A plated reception means that there won’t be people milling about and getting up throughout the evening, and speeches can be planned to fit in between each course.
  • Plated courses are more formal and elegant.

    • If you’re still not sure which style will suit your tastes and theme, there’s one more option – combine the two. You could have a plated main and a dessert buffet. The best idea is to talk to us about your guest numbers, your venue, your style and your tastes – we’ll be able to direct you in the right direction.